Bill’s Pasta Sauce Tomato & Chilli

from Tasmanian Gourmet Kitchen – the home of seriously good savoury marmalades and chutneys


Bill’s Pasta Sauce Tomato & Chilli

This tomato chili sauce makes a great base for arrabiata or puttanesca sauces, but is also rich and flavourful to enjoy as is.
Made with premium Tasmanian and Australian ingredients, we’ve made this just hot enough to enjoy the chilli without any of the sting (although children may not appreciate this so discretion is advised).
If you’re making a tomato-based gravy for a curry, you can use some of this as a base to add complexity.
When you need some kick, go for this sauce.

All our pasta sauces are low salt, making them suitable for people conscious of their heart heath and blood pressure. There’s no need to miss out on a world of delicious foods with Bill’s Pasta Sauces.




Tomato (77%), Onion (20%), Garlic, Chilli (1%), Olive Oil, Salt, Sugar, Pepper


Gluten Free | Vegan | No artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives


This product has been manufactured on equipment that also manufactures products which contain Nuts, Sesame Seeds and Dairy