We are extremely lucky to be based in a place that has access to wonderful fresh produce. When we first started Tasmanian Gourmet Kitchen our aim was to support local growers and make use of the best produce available in season. We believe that is why our savoury marmalades and chutneys taste so good.

We have established strong links with growers in the North West coast who supply us with red and yellow capsicum and Bill has also found a grower of organic beetroot who supplies us with all the beetroot for our very popular Bill’s Beetroot Marmalade.

OnionsAs you can see from the photo, Tasmanian Gourmet Kitchen is a family affair. We are fortunate enough to have local friends who farm onions and once a year we gather family and friends and head out into the paddocks, ten minutes drive from home, and pick up onions. A fun and enlightening experience for the kids and a back breaking day for the adults!

In the garden at home in Longford we have a magnificent heritage pear tree which year after year bears an unbelievable amount of fruit. Last year we could not think what to do with the glut and so Caroline got into the kitchen and the ‘Spiced Pear Chutney’ was born. The product has proved so popular that our pear tree cannot keep up but Bill has found a wonderful source of pears from an orchard just outside Launceston.

We are often approached by people who have a surplus of one vegetable or another and there are plans to develop some more recipe ideas in the future.